Amazon Kindle to Sell Physical Goods

While playing on Kindle Fire, you must have bought virtual goods innumerable times, but Kindle now allows you to buy physical goods too.

Amazon is currently examining in-app buys of actual products, a representative said. The organization’s test run with game-maker ‘Activision’ to make actual toys (above) available for one-click purchase in its Skylanders Cloud Patrol activity for the future Amazon Kindle Fire HD proved successful. After buying a character toy, customers will immediately be able to play a digital edition of the character in the game as well, according to AllThingsD.

The technology was demoed at an Amazon press meeting in Santa Monica, Calif., last week.

A representative dropped to reveal what cut Amazon would take from income, and whether the organization has functioned with any other developer to allow material products purchase to date. Suppliers will be subject to the same income and return policies as third-party Amazon Marketplace vendors, the representative added.

Till now, Amazon only allowed in-app buying of exclusive products this spring.

The move will open up a new income flow for developers, giving them further motivation to develop applications that are compatible with the Amazon Kindle Fire. Neither Apple nor Google currently allow integrated in-app buying of actual products.

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