Apple Launches iPhone 4S Contradicting the iPhone 5 Speculations

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

As anticipated, Apple launched its new iPhone yesterday. However, contradicting the speculations that an entirely new phone-iPhone 5-is down the pipeline, Apple’s announcement sent a disappointing wave through many, expecting an iPhone 5.

Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, took the center-stage at company’s headquarters in California to launch iPhone 4S. Company shareholders who expected Jobs’ appearance as a cameo moment were disappointed due to his absence.

Claimed to be twice more powerful than its predecessor and up to seven times faster in rendering graphics, Apple has intelligently brought forward a plethora of new features.

Built on an Apple’s new operating system—iOS 5, Apple claims to bring forward 200 new features. Meeting people’s expectations, iPhone 4S will run on the same chip as iPad, A5 chip. Moreover, it has a battery life of about 8 hours in terms of 3G talk time and can run 10 hours of video.

iPhone 4S will be a complete disappointment for those who seek a completely revamped design, a bigger screen or a sleek model, as Apple made no change to the way it looks. Moving forward to its hardware, iPhone 4S offers a much anticipated 8MP camera with f2.4 aperture. There are other camera improvements such as backside illuminated sensor and 73 percent more light than its predecessor. Other features such as integration with iCloud, HD viewing capability, Twitter integration, etc. are found in the iPhone 4S.

For our readers, if at all iPhone 5 (if that’s the name Apple has planned for its new phone) exists in the Apple’s launch list, you can be sure to hear about it, as Apple events are the world’s most palpable ones. It is being widely speculated that an iPhone 5 will have a wide screen, best hardware performance and seamless integration with Cloud.

Speculations are also high on a launch of a new and cheaper version of iPhone 4S, which will compete with Android smart phones.

Apple launches have been some of the hottest events on the tech calendar. In addition, when the event is for iPhone 5, it’s obviously going to be grand as the rumors have already declared it as a world’s best smart phone. We’ll follow the story!

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