Apple Purchased A Mobile Media & Data Compression Firm AlgoTrim!

We all know that Apple buys smaller technology firms from time to time, and this time it was Swedish mobile media and data compression firm – AlgoTrim! According to a new report from Swedish emerging industry news service Rapidus, Apple acquired AlgoTrim, a Swedish firm that is associated with creating codecs and design solutions that improves the performance of data, mobile imaging, video and computer graphics while reducing the memory requirement.

The AlgoTrim was came into the picture last time in March 2012, when the company has made an announcement that it would be powering a Photo Album app for Japanese carrier KDDI through a JPEG processor that improve JPEG processing up to six times faster as compared to the conventional LibJPEG standard processing tech used within the Android devices. AlgoTrim came into the existence in the year 2005 with its widely known product, the Code Compression Library (Which is intended to reduce the size of the mobile device firmware), that has been used in the mobile devices since 2006.

The Swedish firm provides all kinds of data compression services and promised to provide imaging solutions that are designed to deliver modern computational photography to the mobile devices, which utilizes various components like sensors, computing, actuators, intelligent lights and more in order to break the boundaries of conventional digital photography. On the whole, the basic concept is to provide pixel perfect images with improved lighting and highly improved rendering.

Recently, the founder co-founder, CEO and head of software development Anders Holtsberg moved to Silicon Valley and is reachable through Apple’s own central telephone switchboard, according to the reports from Rapidus. Calls to AlgoTrim were met with the response that anyone of them is not allowed to discuss anything about the recent purchase made by Apple. The interesting thing is that Apple itself denied saying anything on this recent acquisition of the Swedish firm.

There is no doubt that the popularity of Apple products has gear up iPhone application development, but if you see past few acquisitions from Apple, it is quite clear that Apple is acquiring smaller technology firm under its special acquisition strategy. The technology giant has already acquired almost 6 different technology firms during the year 2013, which includes a few firms dealing with maps, transit and location, in consort with a semiconductor firm.

Apple has acquired low profile targets in deals, preferring to choose only the smaller startups that have the expertise and skills they required to achieve one of its objectives and goals. Therefore, the company is not pursuing any larger or high profile firm, which are quite successful in their own niche.

What do you think? What would be the next step from Apple? Do you think Apple will continue to buy its strategy to buy smaller and low profile technology firms? Share your views in the comments…!


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