Best Guesses – Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumoured to come with some promising features!

Rumors are already starting to converge. What will the next Samsung Galaxy series phone boast of? There are lots of speculations flying around. It’s about time, as Samsung is most likely to unveil it’s generation next creation in the Galaxy series of smartphones – the Samsung Galaxy S5. February 24th is the expected date of this announcement.

While awaiting the actual announcement, let’s take a guessing trip around all the likely features that this phone is likely to possess.

Screen Size: Samsung is most likely to bump the screen size a good 0.2 inch over the S4. S5 will see a roughly 5.2 inches screen. If that’s actually going to happen, it’s a good thing! The galaxy series screens have always been a point of great appeal for users.

Screen Resolution: Some speculations say that the resolution will be greatly improved in Samsung Galaxy S5 with QHD resolution. (2560×1440) pixels. That is quite a high resolution though, and there is a discrepancy over this prediction. Some sources also report that the resolution won’t cross 1080p.

Well, until it’s official, let’s assume that there is going to be some great screen resolution coming our way. Exact figures stand to be discovered yet.

Camera: S5 will host a 16 mp rear camera a good up from the 13mp it previously had. Low light photography will also see an improvement. This guess is based on the fact that it’s competitors already have low light photography in their present models in the market – Nokia as well as iPhone 5s. Well, the front camera will see improvement too – 3.2 mp.

Processor: Exynos 6 will now be a 64 bit processor and will be included in the Samsung Galaxy S5. Well, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 with is 32 bit will also be present. As always Samsung will use a mix of the two processors and the result is always faster processign speed with each new model of the phone. The RAM for the S5 is rumoured to be 3 GB. Well, looks like the smart-phone is going to be a fast phone!

Miscellaneous: Home screen will see new widgets and features. Fitness notes, recent purchases, sports scores are the most heard about. Well, modernizing the looks of the phone, it’s rumoured that this latest smartphone with come with a touch of metal. It may not be all-plastic. Amongst other feature guesses, eye tracking is not going to happen but an amazing touchless feature might be added where you can just float your fingers over the screen for some actions. The new Samsung Galaxy series phone will also include an on screen finger print sensor.

A host of new features defines Samsung’s innovative approach to create an exceptional technology phone which has an exceptional user appeal. The Galaxy series of phones are already very popular amongst smartphone users and those enthusiastic to upgrade to the latest, await in anticipation of what this new phone will hold for them.

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