Business Alert: Now Social Media Marketing Reaches Google+

google+ launches business page creation,

Google+ Now Open For Business

Post 40 million individual sign ups, Google opens its social networking doors for business owners. Google recently announced a novel function that allows corporate brands and businesses to set up a special page within its social networking website-Google+-much like the way businesses set up their Facebook page to connect with potential customers, directly.

The move depicts a clear competition with the rival, Facebook. Until now, Google allowed individual members to sign up to its social networking service. Google said that 20 businesses including Toyota, Pepsi and retailer Macy have already set up special pages on Google+ to market and promote their products as well as connect with loyal customers and cement relationship with them through special offers and promotions. Many more businesses are likely to join soon.

Google, the No. 1 search engine in the world, has signed up more than 40 million users on Google+ since its inception in late June. However, Facebook maintains it leading position with more than 750 million users and growing.

The new business pages on Google+ are accessible through its search engine as well as from within the social networking platform. The easy way to access business pages, through the search engine, is to search for a company’s name with + sign preceding it. For example, ‘+Pepsi’ will immediately take us to the Pepsi company’s business page on Google+.

Currently available for limited no. of users, Google assures the so called ‘direct connect’ feature for many more upcoming pages in a short span of time.

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