Facebook Refurbishes its Messaging, Favoring Email Users

Revamping its old messaging section, Facebook introduced a new style of messaging on the web. The two-paned structure and inclusion of key pad commands makes the upgrade just like some of the email clients.

With this move, Facebook has promoted faster browsing. The message section is now neatly divided into two parts, enabling users to see recent messages in one of the columns while the other column displays individual conversation. Furthermore, Facebook has also enhanced its search abilities by allowing users to search by name of keywords at any point. Earlier, Facebook allowed search only on the messages’ main page.

Large number of keypad commands will be activated for easy of navigation and activity switching, said Facebook. Users will keep be able to add several data, images and emoticons to their messages. The “Other” service for information from non-friends also continues to exist. For now, the change is available only to a small number of users. Seeing its impact, the change will be available for all the users by next week.

It is exciting to see the online community shift to a more conventional e-mail structure and present key pad strategies, which e-mail customers usually favor.

Earlier this year, Facebook made a change to users’ configurations that hid all third-party contact information from Schedule, showing Facebook details instead. Many saw this as a way to market its own texting product over other services like Gmail.

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