Facebook’s Latest Deal – Getting Future Ready With Oculus

Facebook strikes another deal – this time with Oculus VR which is into the Virtual Reality business. The transaction was a raging $2 billion which also included $400 million in cash and $1.6 billion worth of Facebook stock. With Facebook’s recent acquisitions of WhatsApp a few months ago and Instagram around two years ago, it definitely seems that Facebook has great future plans to create a social platform that will change the way things work in terms of social communications, gaming and going truly mobile.

Oculus – what’s it all about?

Oculus manufactures the Oculus Rift which is a virtual reality headset, actually much larger than your face, but provides an almost real experience. It covers your eyes and responds to your head movements. Turning video games into awesome 3D experiences is what this device does

What’s with Facebook and VR?

Facebook seems to be moving towards a long term strategy of connecting everyone in every way! It’s a step towards improving the knowledge economy and driving change in the way people interact and communicate in a truly revolutionary way. Partnership with Oculus will make virtual reality and community sharing and gaming more ubiquitous. With this partnership, the world will experience a whole new social experience.

Next Generation computing platform

Virtual Reality is the next major computing platform and makers of such hardware pose great potential for software companies to capitalize and collaborate to create technology wonders. Although it may not be put to immediate use, Facebook seems to have a strategic plan to revolutionize the way technology is used in connecting people. It’s working years ahead to be “future ready” equipped with the right kind of technology in terms of software, hardware and is bringing the brightest minds on board with the plan.

Experience the impossible

Equipped with a mobile strategy with the acquisition of WhatsApp, Facebook now strives to create a magical experience for social sharing, gaming and communication. Creating an immersive environment, which takes you to a completely different computer generated 3D environment, like in a movie scene, or in a game, provides for a truly fun and enjoyable experience.

What once sounded like a dream, now will be a reality (or virtual reality). You can be in places you wish to and experience the thrill in the games you love, or go to a place of scenic beauty as and when you please! The announcement has just been made, and the plans for it’s future development are speculated. What Facebook will actually do with this partnership is yet to be seen. But if it works out exactly as they talk about it – surely, excited to see the outcome! Making VR available, accessible, open and affordable will definitely be a thing to look forward to!

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