Google Continues To Acquire Small Startups, Flutter Is Recent Addition In The List!

It seems that Google sticks to its policy to buy small startups and technology firms! A few days back, Google has purchased another technology start-up firm “Flutter”, which is a newly established human-gesture recognition firm location in San Fransisco.

Flutter is a San Fransisco based human-gesture recognition firm, which was founded almost three years back. The firm detects simple hand signals through the webcam with the help of which control apps including iTunes and Netflix.

With the recent acquisition from Google, there are strong rumours that Google is going to utilize this technology to boost up the Android application development and beat the rivals. Moreover, it may also integrate the technology into its Chromebook, laptops and Nexus handheld devices. However, the company has not disclosed any information or details about the acquisition, but Flutter has already made announcements with the banner something like shown above.

It is important to note that the gesture technology is extensively used in gaming consoles, such as Nintendo’s Wii, Xbox Kinect from Microsoft and lot more. Moreover, it is used in some of the Smart TVs and Samsung has also introduced gesture feature in its latest Smartphone Galaxy S4.

The Co-Founder Mr. Navneet Dalal, who used to work at Google has made an announcement on the Flutter’s website.  You can easily read the statement something like “Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our research at Google.”

So, is it a smart move from Google to introduce hand gestures in the future Android devices or Google Glass? Is it possible for the users of Google Glass and Android devices to perform various tasks or commands just through the hand gestures? Well, anything can possible. All we can do is to wait for the time when Google officially integrates it in the Android or Google Glass!

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