Google Finally Released Glass Development Kit (GDK) – A Sneak Peek For The Developers!!!

Today, Google has finally revealed the Glass Development Kit (GDK) as a Sneak Peek for the developers. One of the biggest things is that it can be used by anyone, but the only thing that makes this launch quite shocking is lack of Glass emulator. This means it would be impossible for the developers developers to test the apps without actual Glasswear!

One thing is clear that with the release of Google Glass Development Kit, Google has transformed this simple wearable Eyewear into a huge platform for the developers to reap the benefits of it. However, one of the major hurdles for Google Glass is its restricted or limited physical distribution.

Upon the launch of GDK, Google continues to motivate the Android application developers by saying that they have to reuse most of the code of their existing applications and optimize the interface to make it compatible for the Google Glass. By associating Glass with Android, it is quite clear that it will be flush with the applications by time.

With the launch of Glass Development Kit, Google has also launched a few of the Glass apps that already use it. The five new Glass apps launched by Google today are as follows:

  • Allthecooks: It is nothing but a cooking app that will help you read interesting recipes without using your hands.
  • Spellista: A simple, but engaging word jumble game.
  • GolfSight: Now calculate distances and the like as you wear silly pans and wave sticks at small round objects with the help of this amazing app from Google.
  • Strava: A run tracking app.
  • Wordlens: Translating printed words into a language of your choice becomes easy.

Of course, Glass Development Kit is out now for the developers, but it is only for a preview. It will further enhance in the future. However, Google has opened the doors of opportunity for the developers across the globe willing to deliver something innovative to the community.

Whether this new approach from Google will change the face of technology? Well, all we can do is wait and watch! What’s your take on this? Share your views in the comments…!

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