Google Is Back In The Limelight By Launching Web Designer App For Chrome

A few days back, Google has celebrated its 15th birthday by announcing one of the Major updates after the year 2009 – Hummingbird. However, the change in the search engine algorithm has not reported any major downfall in the ranks of the websites.

Now, again Google is dazzling the tech world by unveiling the Google Web Designer app for Chrome, which provides a way to create an Adobe Flash – style animated ads with the help of HTML5 and/or CSS3.

Recently, Google has unveiled a beta version of its all new Google Web Designer, but it should be called “ Google Ad Designer” as it is going to enable designers to create an Adobe Flash – style animated ads using HTML5 and/or CSS3 on the go. The main goal of Google to launch this app is to provide a means of creating animated advertisements without taking help from conventional Flash.

Google Web Designer makes it quite easy for the advertisers to publish ads using this amazing platform. Either select from DoubleClick Studio or AdMob or go for the Generic option to push content via other ad network, you won’t have to code anything! As of now, you can avail this amazing tool from  Google free of cost as far as you’ve Windows PC and Mac OS X, which means you won’t be able to use this app if you’re using Linux or Chromebooks.

It will create pages targeted at Google’s browser. However, it also supports Firefox and Internet Explorer. On Hacker news, a Google Web Developer called Nivesh said “ While editing a file, Google Web Designer uses –webkit prefixes. However, when you publish the content, the publish dialogue will allow you to specific any additional vendor prefixes in the output so the content works in different browsers.

This will surely raise many questions that will need to be answered by Google. However, it is also important to note that designers and professionals are already leveraging from many powerful tools, such as Adobe Edge Animate, Tumult Hype and more. So, of course, it would be quite challenging for Google Web Designer to make a mark in such highly competitive market. It would be interesting to see how Google approach to market and promote this app for the advertising media.

Do you think Google Web Designer will really make a difference? Do you think it would encourage advertisers to go for it? Share your views in the comments…!

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