Google Rolled Out Penguin Update 2.1 Today – One More Step To Reward Quality Sites!

Google has launched the fifth release of Penguin spam fighting algorithm today, which is considered to be one more step to reward high quality sites and push back spamming and low quality sites. Google’s Matt Cutts announced late on Friday that Penguin 2.1 is going launch, which will hardly affect 1% of the search queries, which is far lower than its previous update Penguin 2.0 took place in May.

The head of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts, revealed the news about the latest update on Twitter by saying that the recent update in Penguin won’t heavily affect the search queries.

Many people often call it “Penguin 5”, which is surely going to hurt many sites that is for sure. No matter how big or small an update might be introduced by Google, websites are surely going struggle to manage their rankings in the search engine.

For those who are not so aware about the Penguin concept, it is nothing but a search algorithm introduced by Google that periodically looks for sites that are deemed to be spamming Google’s search results, but somehow managed to maintain their rankings. Now, Google has rolled up its sleeves to fight back the webspams with the help of Penguin 2.1. On the launch of Penguin 2.1, Matt Cutts added that the recent launch is merely a minor update in Penguin to help Google prevent spam and push back lower quality websites from the search results.

The recent news of this Penguin is a fresh arrival from Google as a one of the biggest announcements after Hummingbird, which was introduced just a day before the 15th birthday of search engine giant. Google also indicated over the summer that it will no longer be officially announcing updates to Panda rather than consistently improving the algorithm while implementing minor changes almost once in ten days.

From the past two updates introduced by Google, it is quite clear that Google is showing red eyes to the webspams and introduction of Penguin 2.1 is a one more step towards improving its algorithm to reward high quality websites while punishing low-quality sites and contents.

What’s your take on this? Do you think the recent updates from Google will affect the rankings and search queries in the recent months? Just wait ‘n’ watch!

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