Google’s Page Layout Update: Say No to Ad-Cluttered Websites

In the ongoing process of improving the way users perceive content, Google announced a new algorithm called Page Layout Update. This algorithm intends to tweak the user experience by affecting the

Google Algorithm

Google Algorithm

websites that jostled up with too many ads.  Google says that the Page Layout Update will perturb less than one percent of sites across the globe. Websites with normal degree of ads above-the-fold will remain unaffected.

According to Google, many users are reporting bad user experience and obscure content consumption over the website due to excessive ads. Users want to see the content instantaneously without having to scroll down through a slew of ads to search for the content of relevance. Also, ads sometimes mislead users and encourage them to click on the ads in an illicit way.  Page Layout Update is a step towards calibrating the user experience and promoting a trend of adding worthy content on the websites.

Google, in its official blog, conveyed that it is not against placing ads on the websites; rather, it said “We understand that placing ads above-the-fold is quite common for many websites; these ads often perform well and help publishers monetize online content. “

Who is affected by the Update and How?

According to Google, only one percent of the total site owners across the globe will be affected by the Page Layout Update. Google will target only those websites that are cluttered with too many ads sidelining the necessary content. Also, the sites with misleading ads would lose their ranking.

Although these websites can acquire their status back, this will happen only after tremendous website alteration for the better user experience. Still, site owners will not be able to recuperate to their original state immediately. It will have to wait till the algorithm re-crawl the website. The time to convalesce depends on various factors.


The best piece of advice to all our readers is to keep their websites up to date and provide the best possible user experience. Apparently, Page Layout Update is one of the 500 updates approaching this year. This calls for an alert across to all website owners.

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