“Hummingbird” – A Slient Move From Google To Improve Its Search Engine Algorithm

Each and every year Google changes its search engine algorithm around 400-500 times! Of course, not all the changes made by Google are major, but Google also rolls out a few “Major” updates, such as Google Panda & Penguin, that affects search results in a significant ways. This time Google has dazzled the internet world with its major update called “Humminbird” just a day before on its 15th birthday!

If you’ve noticed, recently Google has a bit better at offering up direct answers to the questions. Have you noticed that? If yes, then you might be interested to know the reason behind it right? Well, Google has again changed its search algorithm, which focuses more on parsing searches as complex questions.

Google took the curtain off from its all new algorithm for the first time last day, at an event that was hosted at the “Garage”, which was hired by Larry and Sergey when Google started achieving desired success in the market.

If we see the trend, the recent changes introduced by Google may have a huge impact over the search results as well as on the traffic to the websites. Hummingbird brings one of the most dramatic alterations to the Google search engine as it revised the way it indexes websites a few years back as a part of redesign called “Caffeine”, according to Amit Singhal, a senior VP of the company. According to him, the recent re-designs in Google will heavily affect the analysis of something about 90% of the search queries that Google receives each day!

Even though there were a lot of questions from the audience on how “Hummingbird” is going to work, Google avoids making things clear and getting too technical about it. However, they said that this was the biggest change in the Google search engine after “Caffieine” update in the year 2009. One of the most common intentions of Google that has been noticed based on the algorithms introduced by Google in the past few years is to improve the parsing full question and to identify and rank answers to those questions based on the content indexed by Google search engine.

As of now, it would be interesting to see how this new algorithm will affect the rankings and search results. The interesting thing to know is that the algorithm was silently put in place weeks ago!!! Have you noticed a huge downfall in your search engine rankings? Well, may you won’t in the near future, at least not due to this algorithm!

What’s your take on this? Share your views in the comments…!

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