JACKSBOT: A Threat Making Way to Bigger Cyber Infection

Just as the super functional applications are making their way into the IT world, malwares are entering the application market place at a super fast speed. While the world still could not totally combat SQL injections, a new malware package called JACKSBOT has been discovered.

JACKSBOT is capable of running on multiple platforms and is deemed as a potential threat for Mac, Windows and Linux users. The malware is said to be a part of the most perilous Java-based remote Trojan (RAT). It is built by the hacker group to perform multiple hacking activities at once including stealing passwords, forcing URLs to load, deleting and corrupting the files, logging keystrokes and getting other personal information.

It seems Java is a lucrative platform for malware developers due to its cross platform appearance. It is capable of hitting devices that run varied operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc) and on multiple web browsers on these platforms.

According to the researchers the code is not completely developed yet. However, it can be developed to create massive destruction and Windows users will remain on target. According to TrendMicro, “The malware writers behind JACKSBOT may just be testing the waters for a successful multiplatform malware; however for now they appear to be unwilling to invest the time and resources to develop the code more completely.”

In an update made to their initial post, Intego researchers have revealed that the RAT has been likely developed by a collective known as Redpoison.

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