Mark Luckie’s Advice to Journalists: How to Use Twitter to the Optimum

It’s been less than three months since Mark Luckie joined Twitter and he already has a set of suggestions for Twitter journalists using the microblogging network. Reportedly, Luckie became the manager of journalism and news at Twitter, leaving his position with The Washington Post.

Working in concert with the Twitter’s Analytical team, Luckie browsed through thousands of tweets sent by major brands and journalists and drew a few conclusions. Although majority of his conclusions were predictable, few of his advices and conclusions will prove really useful in the long term. Check out some of the following:

According to Luckie, reporters are the professionals in subjects they cover, and should bring that same information and energy to Tweets,” says Luckie. That is not to say journalists should not tweet about things that do not fall within their beat — but information reveals that journalists see the greatest levels of involvement and development in supporters after delivering twitter posts relevant to their primary protection areas.

Luckie also observed that people who tweet stories from outside their organizations see higher engagement levels.

The use of hashtags for live events has also increased the user engagement level to 100 percent for journalists and 50 percent for brands.

Other conclusions drawn by Luckie include the use of re-tweet button. The posts that are re-tweeted with the button are re-tweeted thrice as compared to re-tweet through quoting. Also, the use of @mention is a good way to grow the followers and traffic.

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