Pinterest: New Name in Social Networking Receives Massive Traffic

Pinterest, new face of social networking acquires 10th rank among the social networking sites, almost instantly. According to the study made by a content-sharing company, Shareaholic, Pinterest is the fastest growing site for referral traffic. Survey says that Pinterest traffic is a summation of the traffic gained by Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn sites.

Pinterest is currently an invite-only service and has been set up with the premise to gather, organize and share content from the web. Analysts see Pinterest as a “Social Curation”. The site features a range of content; however, it is dominated by home décor, fashion, food and crafts diligence.

The advent of web 2.0 gave birth to the user-generated content development and sharing. Since then, long form contents via blogs became a part of the rage; however, the growing form of micro-blogging shows that the short-form content holds the future of social networking.

Statistics say that Pinterest has jumped 4000 percent compared to six months earlier, which is a flagship figure. Pinterest so far has been the only company to distinguish itself. During the week of December 2011, Pinterest had 11 million visits. Major traffic flows from California and Texas, which is true for most sites. The site also receives unusually high traffic from Utah, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many other social networking sites were the attraction of the year 2011. We believe 2012 is to show structured content sharing through the Pinterest boards. One of the reasons why Pinterest has been able to attract such a large audience is its ease of use. The site looks similar to Tumblr. It introduces a push button content generation. However, the site will be put to real test only when it is open for public. Can Pinterest hold the deluge of users? Let’s wait and watch!

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