Revamped iTunes Launched: The Music World Became Better

The new edition of Apple’s iTunes application was unveiled on Wednesday. Exhibiting a total new style, iTunes expand in place when you click on the album. It behaves somewhat like when you click on the folder in iOS.

Apple added a plethora of new functionalities to its revamped desktop app. For example, each album possesses a feature called “In the Store”. This feature allows you to see the top songs in a particular record, at a glance.

Coldplay allows artists to share photos with their fans. In fact, it already has some of the uploaded photos to the service for fans to check out.

Another feature is a split-screen view that enables users to view the library when you are adding songs to it. Also check out what’s coming next in the playlist, a cool drop-down in the “Current Playing” window will show you the next song about to be played.

The integration of iCloud into iTunes would be the major change. iTunes mini player has also seen a redesign and allows to manage playlists and upcoming songs.

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