Samsung and Google set for a 10 year collaboration by signing a patent agreement

Today’s smashing newsmakers are the world’s two leading technology companies: Google – the world’s largest Mobile operating system developer (Android) AND Samsung – the world’s largest mobile handset maker.

What’s the deal?
The two technology giants Samsung and Google have entered into a collaborative deal to cross license their patents for the next 10 years. This includes the present and future technology patents.

This agreement is foreseen as a highly significant one for the tech world. It’s not the first time that Google has made use of such great collaborations to the betterment of the Android system – a striking example being the patents it gained from the $12.5 Motorola acquisition.

The financial terms of this 10 year Samsung – Google deal have not been disclosed.

Deal Benefits
Google, the world’s largest search engine, is also the developer of the worlds most widely used mobile operating system – Android. Making strategic acquisitions and deals with OEM’s has given it’s Android system a great boost. Samsung makes the most powerful and must popular consumer electronic products, ranging from mobile phones to televisions and key components such as memory chips etc. Well, the Samsung galaxy devices are Android powered and hence the deal makes a lot of sense.

Avoid Patent Infringement Litigation’s – focus on innovations
Infringement allegations and the subsequent litigation that follows can now be curbed and the focus can be moved from patent battles to technology innovation with collaboration. Patent battles generally cost companies a billion dollars. It’s known that Samsung is in a constant tussle with Apple regarding Samsung’s Android powered range of mobile devices – the Galaxy smart phones and tablets.

This agreement will put an end to all such unnecessary hassles and time and money can be diverted towards business growth and technology innovations.

Samsung seen as a potential hardware partner
With this deal in place, Samsung’s possibilities to be a hardware partner in Google’s future technology development projects have increased. A collaborative effort between the two technology giants means sure innovation in the field of mobiles, smart phones and tables.

Samsung and Google in for long term collaboration
Although being with the best brings the most profitable outcome, even if Samsung were to diversify the options it has for mobile OS’s, it will continue to co-operate with Google in this regard. So, the 10 year deal between the two will prove beneficial long term – for both!

On a closing note
With an agreement like this, both companies can gain access to each other’s leading portfolios. This fosters greater research and development for future products. Working together can bring more good to the world of technology rather than engaging in tussles for patent infringement and the unnecessary time, money and energy wasted in the litigation that follows.


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