Samsung moving towards a smarter “Tizen” OS? What happens to Android then?

There’s suddenly a new buzz in the mobile market – Tizen. The South Korean mobile giant Samsung is talking about a new technology revolution. Smart operating systems like Android have turned mobiles into “smartphones”. Samsung says that Tizen will not be limited to mobile devices. It is meant for greater tasks. To turn all (almost all) electronic gadgets to be more intuitive, more interactive and “smart”. Samsung plans to unveil this wonder late this year.

Old habits die hard………..

Samsung has a very successful past and present with the Android operating system. The Galaxy series made it’s grand entry and glorious user acceptance history with Android. Android grabs the largest piece of the pie where user acceptance is concerned. Not limited to Samsung, the operating system sees greater usage on all types of mobile devices. Will Tizen measure up is what everyone is speculating. Users are just too “used to” Android on Samsung.

Welcome changes………

It’s not the first time in the history of mobiles that a new OS has been experimented. Nokia, Palm and HP tried new operating systems too. Some saw the good and some saw the bad face of the change. Nokia did quite well with the Windows 8 phones. Users today are adaptable to “new” technologies. It’s no longer a world where old habits die hard. It’s a market where changes are warmly welcomed. Tizen, if it is as powerful as Samsung talks of it to be, will definitely swipe the mobile industry off it’s feet. Taking into account that this OS is not just meant for mobiles, it will see a wider acceptance from consumers in the electronic sector.

Looking forward to……..

The buzz has just sprung around recently. The actual power of this OS is yet to be seen. Samsung definitely seems to have great plans with this going forward – or why else would it risk a successful mobile strategy to a new idea? What the future holds is yet to be seen, until then everyone’s looking forward to the launch of Tizen and is eager to see it operate with all consumer electronic items too. Having a smart television, refrigerator, smart car and smart camera is what everyone is looking forward to!

Closing note….

Technology brings amazing additions to work smart and add some spice to the way things work traditionally. Tizen could be the next “change” that will revolutionize the way technology is used. What happens to Android (in terms of shipping with Samsung hardware)? No one knows whether it will continue to ship with one particular series or will be replaced by Tizen. Samsung will unfold this wonder in the second of this year. Until then lets wait and watch!

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