T-Mobile Posted Strongest Results By Reporting 1.1 Million New Customers During Its 2nd Quarter!!!

The T-Mobile, reporting first time as a public company, is back with a bang by showcasing the addition of whopping 1.1 million new customers during its financial second quarter. The fourth largest US carrier has posted strong results, conveying it had seen strongest growth in the last couple of years and all thanks to its Uncarrier contract-killing initiatives.

After completing its merger with MetroPCS in May and give it a refresh with a new name “T-Mobile US”, the fourth largest U.S. cell network has managed to steal 8.9 million more customers from this acquisition. If we talk about the raw growth of the carrier giant,  there are almost 685,000 net new customers landed from its post-paid base.

What could be the possible reasons for such a huge leap of T-Mobile? What has attracted such a huge consumer base? Well, there are a few possible reasons in such a huge hike of T-Mobile’s customer base. One of the first possible reasons is the introduction of new iPhone in March, in accordance with the company’s still new Uncarrier and Jump! Programs. It enables customers to get rid of those long-term contracts and let them upgrade on a regular basis without any confusion.

T-Mobile chief executive and president John Legere said “T-Mobile’s Uncarrier approach has resonated with the customers. By fixing the things that drive them mad, like contracts and upgrades, and freeing them from the two year sentence imposed on T-Mobile in unprecedented numbers.”

While mobile application developers in India are leveraged by developing iPhone 5 applications, the iPhone sales accounted for roughly one-in-three Smartphones sold, excluding MetroPCS. However, T-Mobile US has pointed out Samsung Galaxy S4 as a “Revenue Driver” for the developers as well as for the company. The sales reached almost 4.3 million total Smartphone units, which is quite high from 71% to 86% of units sold.

The carrier giant further added that it was “ahead” of its plan to bring 4G LTE with 157 million covered over 116 metropolitan areas within the U.S. itself. According to the company, the total revenue has seen a great rise of more than one-quarter and all thanks to the MetroPCS’ addition to the T-Mobile’s finances from May. In addition, the company said that the Record Smartphone sales have also played a major role.

With such a surprising second quarter results, it will be quite interesting to see how T-Mobile US is going to perform during the rest of the financial year. However, it is expected that the T-Mobile’s full financial year adjusted earnings, including MetroPCS, will be something around $5.2 billion to $5.4 billion….!

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