Take a look at Tata’s AirPod, a concept car which runs on compressed air

While other car creators try things out with substitute energy sources such as hydrogen, biodiesel and compressed natural gas, Indian automobile company, Tata, is basically expecting to take the space for its new automobile that runs on slim air. Known as the AirPod, this little three-seat car mainly operates on compressed air.

The vehicle’s special engine is motivated by the stress of air saved in a tank on panel. The tank is loaded either through an exterior pump — think of it like a gas pump, only for air — or by pulling in air, while it is operating with the help of another engine unit.

AirPod’s creators say that the automobile is capable of arriving at a top speed of 44 km/hr and its electric engine unit is charged in parts when you apply brakes.

The AirPod may look a little jerky, but its small size could actually be a big promoting feature in India, which is affected with excessive street over-crowding. The nation has been analyzing substitute types of transport for years, most lately it made a decision to set up self-driving vehicles to taxi guests to and from one of its most popular religious sites.

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