The Biggest Launch of IPv6: Let Every Device Connect to the Web

Not many of us are aware of the biggest launch that affects the world. IPv6, which was launched on 6th of June 2012, is being widely implemented by companies, websites, ISPs and home router vendors.

Each device that interacts with the web needs an IP address. IP addresses are how things on the internet find each other. With the fast-paced technological evolution and growing no. of gadgets that communicate with the web, the world was falling short of the IP addresses.  This gave birth to the new IPv6, which offers 3.4×1038 of addresses.

Reportedly, the need for IPv6 was realized looking at the growing no. of gadgets and their cheap availability. Let us consider that every individual owns more than one gadget. Today, there are 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses while there are 7+ billion people on earth, which surely indicates less no. of IPs compared to the individuals available.


Although IPv6 is a good thing, it is a challenge to bring it on full-fledged.  When IPv4 was developed, analysts never thought there would be a need for bigger space; therefore, there is no way to scale parallel with IPv4. To successfully incorporate this new protocol, each organization—enterprise, home vendors, ISPs—has to contribute by switching to IPv6 protocol.

The good news is since 8th June 2011, which was an IPv6 day that took place with more than 1000 website companies proving that they can deploy IPv6, till 6th June 2012 IPv6 saw three times as many companies deploying it.

We will soon see the world switching over to the new internet protocol.

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