Peep into What the World’s Doing with All New Website: This is Now!

It may be 2 am in London, but you may still see people enjoying Olympics at their home. You may watch US president giving speech or Sania Mirza practicing at her Hyderabad house. You can now see a glance of what’s happening in the major cities of the world, in close to real time.

Australia has developed an app that pulls feeds from Instagram based on its Location tag. Formally known as “This is Now” website does justice to its name.  The app fetches and collaborates the moments from across the world in a picture form.

Since it released five weeks ago, the web application includes nearly half-a-million page views and has presented more than a thousand pictures, says Per Thoresson of Lexical Gap, the organization behind the web site. “I think it has taken off because [it’s a concept that] has never been done before.”

According to Per, there is always something amazing about being able to see what is going on in other places as it happens from different individuals’ opinions.

The web page could be particularly useful to track the breaking news in all parts of the world. “We’re currently working on expanding the project to cover these type of events in real-time,” says Mr. Thoresson.

For now, the website protects downtown companies where Instagram is well-known, but upcoming development could see it protecting places such as Syria, where there is an increasing dependency on crowd-sourced details. “Per confirmed that there will be more locations added to the project. People are excited and have embraced the website quite well. There is always a scope for expansion.

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