Top 3 Essential Olympic Apps to Sit Back and Enjoy the Game

While we embraced London Olympics 2012, it embraced technology. From its athletes, coaches to smart phone users, each one is finds Olympic apps as an important factor. For athletes and coaches, Olympics related smart phone applications measure accuracy, rectify errors, improve performance, chart diet, schedule activity and so on. In the same way, Olympic apps are developed for users’ entertainment. Users can now catch live games, streaming videos, factual results and experience the London Olympics Park from wherever they are.




Some of the most popular apps you may be missing on are as follows:

London 2012 Join In

As the name indicates, London 2012 Join In app gives you the experience of actually attending the game. It possesses event scheduler that allows you to schedule the activities according to its time and preference so that you don’t miss on anything. Now watch images, videos and check attendees on the map.

This is a free app and basically a preparing tool with retrievable charts. On the top of that, there is a wide record of other things that you are capable of doing. Now become a part of the globe’s biggest occasion.

BBC Olympics

BBC Olympic Games is the best app for those want to watch games from anywhere. This app allows customers to look at 24 live sources in a day, allowing customers to enjoy each of their preferred activity and be there during the honor minutes.  Thanks to BBC Olympic Games app, we can now see key moments, complete routine and daily experiences for our favorite game. It also allows storing videos for offline viewing. Make sure to download the app and tune in.

London 2012: Official Results App

While many gossips are dripping out, London Olympics 2012 Official Result app will keep you posted through the winning moments and champion details. It reveals complete details of the sportsman who has successfully won the game. Being a formal app, you get actual updates right from the Olympic area.

This app also provides an up-to-date record of all participating athletes along with their bio and details appropriate to their individual actions.

Due to the proliferation of smart phone devices, users can now enjoy games from anywhere in the world at anytime convenient to them. With only a few days left for the London Olympics 2012 to end, download these apps now to relish on the games you like. Don’t forget to find more apps from your platform’s app store. There’s plenty in the store.


With only a few times remaining for London Olympic to end, we motivate customers to experience the soul of Olympic games seated wherever they are, thanks to the smart phone app makers. We will discuss the top 3 apps that can be used to enjoy Olympics direct from the field.


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