Tumblr to Provide Analytics to Marketers

Web world confirms yet another advertising platform. The online marketing companies have no point to switch away from Tumblr now, as it gives brands and marketers what they have been longing for: Analytics dashboard.

According to Tumblr, the analytics service will remain in invite-only mode till December to trace sharing of individual posts and to track the overall user engagement; for example,  popular content, blogs and topics, trends, and influential curators.

The news revealed on Thursday afternoon, when the blogging network named Union Metrics, a “preferred” third-party analytics provider, extended its support to Tumblr. Prior to this, Union Metrics has supported Twitter through its chief product, TweetReach, which has been a great tool for marketers to track performance and effectiveness on a regular basis.  The company recently licensed access to Tumblr.

Tumblr’s move will bring more and more marketing professionals under its hat, particularly now that Tumblr, itself, is pushing advertising product at them. Although, it’s is not yet clear whether Tumblr will use the “preferred” product or will continue to concentrate on building its own analytics tool, marketers will surely be able to analyze their ads.

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