Twitter Extends Support for 4 Asian Languages Including India’s very own-Hindi

twitter now supports 4 asian language

twitter now supports 4 asian language

Celebrating 100 million active users, Twitter is planning to add support for four Asian languages such as Hindi, Malay, Filipino and Chinese. Both Twitter and Facebook have a huge fan following in Asia. Twitter is a huge micro-blogging site, which is not meant to just follow celebrities, journalists and sports people but also allows people to share their lives in 140 characters. In simple terms Twitter is not just about tweeting but millions of other users follow Twitter for daily updates and news.

Twitter’s official blog stated “Ordinary citizens break news and give us a view we might otherwise miss, like the now-famous Space Shuttle image that was re-tweeted over 2,300 times, and the first photo of the US Airways plane that landed in the Hudson River in 2009” Twitter blog also noted the presence of 40 per cent of the religious leaders tweeting on this leading site including DalaiLama and the Pope.

Twitter in Hindi seems to make it convenient for Indian users to relate with the most popular microblogging website. Although China has banned Twitter, it desires to launch its Chinese support “to capture the hearts and minds of Chinese-language users” reported the New York Times. “Raising its supported languages to 17, Twitter wants to attract more users for microblogging, who prefer regional flavor to share their lives” sources said.

Also according to the latest news from the Twitter CEO-Dick Costolo, Twitter plans to expand the company’s advertising efforts. Costolo told journalists that the company is entirely focused on advertising as its business model.

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