Ultrabooks Get Lighter With Intel Powered Chip: Recognizes Speech, Touch and Gesture

So how thin can an Ultrabook get? Today, most of the Ultrabooks range between 17 mm to 20 mm in thickness, which is pretty handy for laptop users. However, with the launch of Windows 8 platform, Intel plans to shave off a few more millimeters, offering an even lighter Ultrabook to users.

Recently, in a conference, Intel released its Ultrabook whose keyboard size was cut down to 2.5 mm.  With technology advancement, Ultrabook manufacturing companies could easily cut down sizes, launching skinny ones for user convenience.

Upcoming Microsoft’s Intel based Surface tablet is reported to be mere 13.5 mm thick. Besides, Acer is expected to launch a 15 mm thick Ultrabook in October.

That’s not all. Intel-powered Ultrabooks are expected to bring sensor chips to market by 2013. Reportedly, Intel is working on its fourth generation processor chip that would be rated at 10 watts and below. Named as Haswell chips, these would promote smartphone-like functions such as voice recognition, touch, finger tracking, augmented reality, and gesture-based interfaces courtesy of clip-on sensors.

These chips are low-heat, power-frugal chips perfectly suitable for Ultrabooks of these dimensions.

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